Mera Baby - Mera Baby offers a range of fresh and funky clothing, gifts products specifically designed for the Indian community in Britain

About Us

Mera Baby: the concept, the creation...

Once upon a time a British Asian mother was shopping for Christmas presents on behalf of her son; she wanted to get a special something for his grandparents, aunties and uncles. Unfortunately she did not find what she was looking for and settled for gifts that weren’t really appropriate for the Nani and Nana Ji’s, Massi’s, Massar’s and Mama’s she was buying for. Well, to cut a long story short, Christmas came and went and somewhere in between the last mince pie and returning to work, Mera Baby was born.

The aim of Mera Baby was and continues to be to deliver an Indian-inspired, fresh and funky approach to baby essentials and personalised gifts . Mera Baby prides ourselves on having developed an affordable range of products that will not only raise a smile across all age groups, but are also designed to be practical too. 

Mera Baby was not simply a response to the frustration of being unable to find appropriate Christmas gifts. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was also the realisation of something that actually been niggling me since the birth of my son. I wanted to ensure that he grew up to be proud of his Indian heritage and that contrary to my experiences as a child in this country, to recognise that Indian culture is actually pretty damn cool and something to proud of!

It seems British Indians are not the only people to feel this passionately about the culture and iconography of their ancestral homeland. Mera Baby market research indicated that many of the products and styles we have developed are of appeal and interest across all sorts of backgrounds, so we hope that you will enjoy the cross-cultural approach we have adopted.

We’re certain you’ll find all sorts of tempting items within our Baby and Child, Desi Designs, Gorgeous Gifts and Fabulous Footwear ranges and hope that you will continue to visit Mera baby over the coming months and be part of all the exciting products and ideas we have planned for you.

In the meantime happy shopping and please keep in touch!  We really want to hear from you to ensure that Mera Baby delivers the kind of products and experience that our customers expect.


Founder, Mera Baby